Wondering what to do with those empty wine bottles from your exquisitely successful dinner party last night? Grab a handful of “Bottle Lights” and treat yourself to a new collection of soft night lights for your pre-bedtime meditation or yoga session. Alternatively, you can use these newly fashioned bottle lights to add a bit of mood lighting to an intimate dinner or a romantic evening in!

It’s never too late to add some whimsy to a dinner party. Create a nook in your kitchen or your bar cabinet where you can store your bar accessories. Add the Buddy Bottle Opener to your collection and let him sit happily in your bar until you’re ready to use him. Simple additions like this can add so much charm and easy joy to your home and to your hosting experience!

A common mistake of the amateur dinner party host is to leave your guests with no means of identifying their wine glass! This is particularly a concern when the evening is not limited to a sit down dinner! Once your guests have been invited to meander or mingle, the chances increase that they will set their glass down and (unable to distinguish which glass is theirs) simply pour themselves a new glass. This can result in an inordinate amount of glasses to clean at the end of the night! Whether you choose to make your own creative wine charms or pick some up from a local wine shop, these simple additions to your party will be welcome by all!

Treat your dinner guests to the full experience of a high-end restaurant with the entire spectacle of cutting the foil before you uncork your wine! The ‘Edgy’ wine foil cutter is a streamlined and easy-to-use option that will make this task simple and painless, facilitating the path to pouring your guests (and yourself!) a nice glass of wine!

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