Your soap can say a lot about you. Are you more inclined to offer a bar of soap to your guests or a hyper-modern motion-detecting dispenser? Take some time to factor in the sensory pleasure involved in washing your hands, the soothing motion and the relaxing sensation of water flowing over your skin. The Kera bath collection with its cork base has a soft and rounded design that makes it a simple and sleek addition to any bathroom!

Why not go a bit more modern with your serving dishes this fall? These pedestal bowls offer a more environmentally friendly option for your dinner party and their cork base is guaranteed not to scratch your table. Without the fear of scratching, you don’t need to cover up your glass or wooden table with a table cloth, let the natural beauty of your furniture shine through!

The internet is full of DIY projects to put together with discarded wine corks, but there is also space for newly designed cork furniture! This adorable and compact stool from Design Within Reach will add a natural and textured element to your living space and complement any wooden or glass objects near it. Cork is the new black in the interior design world.


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