Why not take the plunge and get a bit more creative this fall with all of your extra corks? If you’ve spent your summer wisely enjoying glass after glass of chilled white wine on the patio with friends, chances are that you have a heap of corks that you intend to do something amazing with! Instead of just letting those corks gather dust and become an eyesore, try your hand at these three fun DIY projects to make your home more inviting and efficient!

Cork People!

What you need:

1 bag of small balloons of all colors

1 black permanent marker

1 pile of corks


This activity is a great way to craft with the children in your life! Gather the cousins, the nieces, the grandchildren, the children together and get to work making the most adorable tiny people! Once you are done, you can use these Cork People to tell stories, write out their dialogue on speech bubbles and take pictures of them in acting!


Pull one balloon over the top of each cork, letting a bit of balloon hang over the top. Use your marker to draw on a face, mixing it up by adding different emotions on each Cork Person.

Voila! Happy story-telling time!


(See also: reciclandoenlaescuela.blogspot.com)

Cork Magnets!

What you need:

1 Glue Gun

1 Stick of Glue

4 or 5 corks from particularly memorable bottles of wine

1 exacto knife

4 or 5 round magnets


Start by using the exacto knife to cut out the inside of each cork. Essentially, you are creating a very tiny vase out of each cork. You don’t want to go all the way through, just about ¾ of the way down.

Then, grab your glue-gun and glue the magnets to the back of the corks.

The hollow corks are now ready to latch on to your fridge and hold a pen, a small airplant, a USB stick, a nail file, whatever tiny thing you need to have handy on your fridge!

Cork plant markers!

What you need:

An herb garden🙂

5 or 6 corks

1 black permanent marker

Good penmanship (or someone who can help you out who has good penmanship!)

5 or 6 wooden skewers


Write the names of each herb in your finest cursive on the side of each cork.

Use your brute strength to push one wooden skewer into each cork.

Place the skewer into the soil around each plant to mark which plant is which!


(See also: allputtogether.com)

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