These ladies dressed as seven different Robin Williams’ characters are amazing. If you don’t have the time to invest in that kind of costume, never fear! Here are three costume ideas that are simple to put together but look amazing! Happy Halloween!

Jelly Bean Bag!

You’ll need:

One large clear plastic garbage bag

20-30 small colorful balloons (blow them up and tie them off when they are about 5 inches in diameter)


Black sharpie.



Cut a hole in your garbage bag for your head and two holes for your arms.

Lay the bag out flat and draw a table in sharpie on the bag for the ingredients. Get creative with this, adding your own personality to the ingredients (Ex: Awesomeness — 15% of daily value, Sugar’n’Spice —————- 50% daily value)

Pull the bag over your head and tuck the bottom into your leggings. Fill the bag with your balloons. Voila! You are a bag of jelly beans! Extra points if you carry some actual jellybeans with you to hand out to all of your admirers!

Rosie the Riveter

Put on your high-waisted jeans and a blue denim shirt. Roll the sleaves up on your denim shirt. Pull your hair back and tie a red bandana around your head. Pouf your bangs of the front of your hair to give it some volume, Apply mascara and bright red lipstick. Voila!


Jelly Fish;

What you’ll need:

1 clear plastic umbrella

A bunch of bubble wrap (a few different sizes of bubbles would be ideal!

White or pale lavender tank top and leggings

A stapler



Cut your bubble wrap into long thin strips.

Staple the stips to the edge of your clear umbrella, all the way around the edge.

Put on your outfit and carry your umbrella. You are a jelly fish!

(For optional extra effect, you can add battery operated led lights to the inside of your umbrella for the bioluminescence of jellyfish, or coat the inside of your umbrella with a smoky white opaque paint.)


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