Paper Spider Web:

This craft is easy and fun and recycles! If you have a few old newspapers lying around you are ready to do this craft! If you have black tissue paper, that works too! Fold your newspaper into quarters. Then, fold the top right corner down to the left side. Fold the right side into the left side once again. Use a marker to trace the following pattern onto your paper:

Cut out the shapes, unfold and decorate your home with recycled paper decor!

(See also: crafts.tutsplus.com)


Skeleton flamingos

As we transition into fall decor and home accents, many summer themed items are going on super sale! Check out your local Tuesday Morning or Michaels and see if you can grab a few bright pink yard flamingos on sale!

Paint the flamingos with black acrylic paint and let that dry. Once it’s completely dry, use white acrylic paint to draw skeletal shapes on your flamingo to transform your bird from garish to ghoulish!

Giant bloodshot eyeballs

Scour your local thrift shops, garage sales and flea markets for 5-7 beach balls or blow-up exercise balls. Use some sand-paper to give the balls a bit of a rough edge (to help the paint stick later!). Paint all of the balls with white spray paint. It might take several layers to achieve a uniformly white color. You can use sand-paper between coats of paint to get rid of any irredularities or bumps.

Then you’ll paint a black circle (the pupil!) on each of the balls. Once that is dry you can choose whatever eye color you would like and paint a circle around the pupil. Once that is dry, use bright red paint to add veins starting from the opposite side of the all and working towards the pupil.


Let it dry and you’ve got yourself a collection of creepy Halloween lawn decorations!

(See also: diynetwork.com)


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