Fall is the time to get reacquainted with the inside of your home. Rekindle the romance in your life with cozy nooks and snuggle-worthy throws! Light a few more candles, take it a bit more slowly, drink a bit more tea, take a few more deep breaths each morning before heading out to face the world. Here are a few suggestions for how to really cozy up this fall…

Tea. Put the kettle on and brew up something spicy and warm! Add some crushed cloves or cinnamon to your tea this fall to get the health benefits of these powerful herbs. Let your warm cup of tea become an autumnal hot toddy by adding a dash of bourbon and a few drops of honey. Breathe deeply and continue to cozy up!

Throw. Aesthetic Content makes a few deliciously soft and vibrantly colorful mohair throws that will bring a bright spark to your living space and invite you to wrap up and take it easy! A small basket with a handful of throws in it will make your living room seem more welcoming and warm, encouraging the creation of a zone of zen in your home!


Books. Take the time out of your busy schedule to read a book. If you don’t know where to start to find a good book that will draw you in, check out goodreads.com. Take a few of the quizzes and the site will generate a list of books that you might like, based on your interests! Fall is the time for quiet meditation, preparation for winter, mentally debriefing the summer, and taking care of yourself. Let your imagination take off as you plunge into a great book and feel the physical release as you lose yourself in the story.

Music. Throw on a pair of Cheetah Wireless Bluetooth Headphones, lean back in your armchair or stretch on your yoga mat, and press play. Whether you are listening to your favorite band, simple nature sounds or a classical symphony, music has the power to calm the mind and relax those racing anxiety-ridden thoughts! Part of getting cozy this fall is getting calm and letting go of the thoughts that don’t help you feel centered and strong.

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