Bold patterns. The changing seasons are reminders to us to add variety and spice to our lives. Even though changes in our lives can sometimes be intimidating and feel overwhelming, we are not meant to live a static unchanging existence. Instead, change can be exciting, healthy and stimulating. Go for powerful bold patterns in your pillows this fall to really mix things up and make a new statement.

Bright colors. Monochromatic decor has its appeal and can be a very soothing and peaceful choice for any space. The downside is that it can also get a bit boring if your entire home becomes one large neutral pallette! Splash some color onto your canvas this fall and let yourself try out the more vibrant side of life!

Colorful kitchen. Every kitchen could do with some continuity in decor and a uniting element. You can create a unifying effect in your kitchen with the materials of your furniture, the style of cabinets, the lighting or a theme color. Mix’n’match can be a great look but you must be careful not to cross the line into confusing and jarring eclecticity! One way to keep the decor of your kitchen flowing smoothly this fall is to choose one central color and stick with it. That bright red kettle you have? Maybe pick up a few red kitchen towels to solidify that color theme. You have a collection of purple glass vases you want to display? No problem! Just consider a purple colander or a purple set of mugs to really bring it all together!

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