Near Water. Nothing beats the soothing effect of water sounds on the human mind. Whether you live near a lake or a pond in a local park, pack up your pack and head to the water for your autumn picnic. Take a break from snacking and try your hand at skipping rocks on the water or take a stroll to see if you can find any frogs or fish!

Inside. Don’t let weather or temperature keep you from throwing down your picnic blanket and enjoying the unique pleasure of eating a meal seated on the ground with friends and loved ones. Create a park in your living room by moving houseplants near your picnic area and choosing a ‘nature sounds’ station on Pandora. This style of indoor adventure has the same whimsical quality as camping in your front yard and will create powerful and laugh-filled memories for your family!

National/State Parks.Take a moment to check out, the National Park Service website. Make a point of visiting at least one national park and one state park this fall. Find a picnic spot and enjoy the great outdoors with your family. It can even become a tradition every fall, where you visit a different park each year on the same weekend! (Image:

Block party. We all have our busy lives and our hectic schedules but it can be so enriching and fulfilling to get to know your neighbors. If you have a lawn or know of a neighborhood park, invite your neighbors along for a block party on the ground! Your picnic blankets will make a patchwork fun and your neighborhood will become more friendly and warmer. Take that step out of your bubble and be rewarded with a community that you helped build.


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