After trying lots of different ways to pack and plan a picnic, here are my personal suggestions for you! I love the excitement of planning a picnic and I enjoy the relaxation and restorative component of sharing a meal seated on the ground with my friends and family. I hope you have a wonderful fall picnic, please share pictures and ideas in the comments! -Caro (Lux Homestylist)

The Bag. The Packit Freezable Picnic Bag. This bag will help you rest easy that your tasty treats are nice and cool until you are ready to eat them! Fold the bag, place it in your freezer overnight and then pack it right before you head off on your adventure!

The Containers. Nest Storage Food Containers. The last thing you want to find when you open your picnic bag or basket is a mess! Make sure your snacks are well-sealed and leak-proof by using firmly shut containers! If you are bringing along a salad, I recommend keeping the dressing in a separate container until you are ready to feast. This will keep your salad ingredients from getting soggy and sad!

The Blanket. MonkeyMat This multi-use blanket solves so many problems that are generally encountered during a picnic! It is water repellent so you don’t end up with a damp seat if the grass is bit wet, it has weights on the corners to keep your blanket from flying away on a windy day, it has the softness of fabric but the durability of plastic, it folds up quite tiny for easy transportation. I’m a fan!

The Seat. REI Trail Chair. Sitting on a picnic blanket is romantic and peaceful until you feel that ache in your lower back and start to get distracted from the conversation because you are focusing on how uncomfortable you are! I recommend taking a regular yoga class every week to increase your ability to stay seated on the ground for longer periods of time, but I also recommend the REI Trail Chair! It’s super comfy and folds up for easy transportation. Because it is made of cloth (no hard metallic legs!) and sits straight on the ground, it allows you to stay connected to the conversation while finding lower-back relief and a more restful sitting position!

The Snack Meal. Nuts, Apple Slices, Grapes,  Hard Cheese Slices,  Sausage Slices, Olives, Avocado, Homemade Hummus, Raw Carrots, Raw Broccoli. I have found that this is the easiest way to feed your flock on a picnic, lots of nibble-able snacks and no worries about serving individual plates, or remembering the cutlery! All you need to remember is some napkins and the containers that all of the snacks are in! Make sure that you bring plenty of each component so your whole contingent can dig in as much as needed. If there is a hike or a walk involved before your picnic, the communal appetite could be soaring!

The Drinks. Wine. Water. Water. Water. If you are using the freezable picnic bag that I mentioned earlier, you won’t need a specifically designed wine cooler pouch. Go for the white wine instead of the red for a lighter, fresher picnic vibe. It’s a good idea to have each picnic participant bring 1 liter of water for every 3 miles that are being walked/hiked. Encourage everyone to drink a nice glass of water before heading outdoors to find your picnic spot! Dehydrated and cranky people have a lot of trouble enjoying a picnic!

The Games. Cards. A rule of thumb that I have recently discovered: always carry a deck of cards. You never know when the occasion will present itself for a leisurely round of Rummy or a thought-provoking game of Hearts or a hilarious attempt to explain the rules of Cribbage to your friends. Bring cards.

The Music. Mipow Boomin Portable Speaker. Sometimes you might want to simply listen to the sounds of nature, the bird calls, the bubbling stream, the wind in the trees and the chatter of the squirrels. For all of the other times, bring along your Mipow portable speaker, it has an incredible battery life and will add a festive ambiance to your picnic. I recommend “Dance With Me by Nouvelle Vague” as a Pandora Station for picnic. Thumb as needed, but the general idea will be relaxed, chill, samba-esque soundtrack to your meal.
That’s it! I hope you have a wonderful picnic, a relaxing snack meal with your family and friends. Please let me know how it goes! -Caro

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