Lavender Baggies!

  1. Grow some lavender (or, pick up a lavender plant from your local nursery!)
  2. Let some of the lavender buds dry out (you can heat them gently in your oven on a cookie sheet)
  3. Use old scraps of fabric or handkerchiefs and place the dried lavender in the center of the square or round piece of fabric. Ideally, the fabric is about 6 inches in diameter or is a 6×6 square.
  4. Use a piece of ribbon or a long piece of fabric to tie the handkerchief into a little baggie around the lavender. Be sure to tie the ribbon quite tight so you don’t have any leaking lavender buds!
  5. Place the sweet smelling lavender satchel into your sock drawer or your closet to ensure your clothes give off the relaxing and soothing scent of lavender! Breathe deeply, enjoy your day.

Mint Plant

  1. Pick up a mint plant from your local nursery and let it thrive in your garden or on your balcony! Mint is an easy plant to maintain, it grows rapidly and loves to be eaten!
  2. Keep a mason jar as a vase in your entryway and place a bunch of mint in the jar.
  3. Every time you enter or exit your home, run your fingers through the leaves of the mint to help them release their intoxicating aroma!
  4. Enjoy a fresh, crisp, minty scented home! (plus: you add to the decor of your entryway by giving that space a dash of green!)

Homemade Incense Holder!

  1. Grab a mason jar (or any glass container that is vaguely cylindrical!)
  2. Grab some sand or some dirt from your yard
  3. Sift through your craft or gift-wrapping drawer and pull out some neutral or burlap-y ribbon
  4. Be relieved that you have finally found a home for those charms that you were going to make a bracelet for, or those pendants that you meant to put on a necklace and never did.
  5. Dust off that pile of shells that is still sitting there after your beach trip (2 years ago!)
  6. Pick out two or three shells that are winners and beautiful
  7. Thread your charms through the ribbon and wrap the ribbon around the top of your jar!
  8. Pour sand or dirt into your mason jar about three fingers deep.
  9. Place your seashells in the sand
  10. Light your incense rod and stick the (non-lit) end firmly into the sand
  11. Breath deeply, relax, enjoy your new incense holder.

(ps: I originally found this idea on the awesome blog! )

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