What you need:

-Tissue paper (any color! Ideally, use some paper that you already have laying around!)


-a container of Decoupage Glue! (“Decoupage” comes from the French “cutting” and it refers to any project that involves cutting paper and glueing it onto an object!)

-a foam brush

-one jar (mason, spaghetti, jelly, peanutbutter, any glass jar with a lid that is clean and empty!)

-a postcard or a physical picture that makes you happy and brings you joy (but that you don’t mind cutting!

-a small glue gun and one stick of glue for your gun

-a sheet of paper and a pen

-Stickers of the letter of the alphabet or sticky paper that you can cut into letters or shapes

-an open heart and a willingness to get to know yourself


  1. Use the decoupage glue to paste small pieces of tissue paper to the outside of your jar
  2. Let the jar dry overnight.
  3. While you let your jar dry, take some time to meditate on your personal mission statement, what makes you tick, what makes you ‘you’, what you want your life to be about. Write down 10-15 things that you would consider your personal priorities in life, (emotions or values that will help you bring life - and its ups and downs - into perspective!)
  4. Place the pieces of paper with your personal thoughts on them inside the jar!
  5. Cut a circle out of the photo or postcard that is the same size as the metal lid of your mason jar.
  6. Use your hot glue gun to attach the photo circle onto the metal lid
  7. Seal the jar with your new lid!
  8. Use your stickers to decorate the outside of the jar.
  9. Place your ‘life worth living’ jar in a place that you will notice every day and take time to remember what you have written inside the jar! Breathe, relax, enjoy each day.


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