This is my all time favorite granola recipe! I originally found this super fast easy granola recipe on  and have stayed loyal! Feel free to try more complicated iterations or just stick with this classic simple option!


Grab a bowl. Mix the following ingredients together:

-4 cups of rolled oats

-½ tsp salt

1 cup of chopped almonds (or walnuts if you want to splurge!)

-2 tbsp ground flax seeds (optional, but super yummy if you opt to add them in!)

-1 tbsp of ground cinnamon


Then add the following ingredients to that same bowl. Use your hands to mix! Get messy🙂

-⅓ cup of oil (the best choice of oil is coconut oil!)

-⅔ cup of (local!) honey (if you’re vegan, you can use agave syrup!)

-1 tsp vanilla (don’t go overboard with the vanilla, it can really overpower the other flavors if you add too much!)


Heat your oven to 300 degrees.


Pour your mixture onto a cookie sheet.


Bake your granola for 10  minutes. Remove and stir.


Bake your granola for another 10 minutes. It should look delicious and golden. Yes.


Remove from your oven and allow the granola to cool completely.


Transfer it to an airtight container for storage or eat it immediately with your grateful friends!


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