The Apron.Wearing an apron while you bake  is about so much more than just keeping your clothes clean! Make sure you pick out an apron that you feel special in, an apron that makes you feel like you could out-bake Betty Crocker! The psychological component of feeling invincible while you  bake contributes to the peaceful and zen state that you can achieve when you get lost in the process of preparing food.


The Dish Towels. Your clean up crew of dish towels should be three things: adorable, absorbent and tough. This is a tricky trifecta to achieve but you will be so happy that you  have effective dish towels when you are deep in the baking state of mind.

The Mitt. Not all oven mitts are up to the task of actually protecting your hands against heat! This is an element of your kitchen that it is worth investing in. You are more than welcome to keep a color coordinated mitt on display in your kitchen for aesthetic purposes, but I highly recommend that you have at least one heavy duty powerhouse oven mitt that is up to the task of saving your skin!

The Hairdo. Baking is no time to let your hair down! Remember that chefs often wear those amazingly huge white hats, and kitchen staff are often required to wear hairnets or caps? There is a reason for that! The last thing you want is your guests surreptitiously pulling a strand of your hair out of their brownie or their lemon bar! Braid that hair or pin it back! Better yet, comb your hair before you even step into the kitchen to get rid of all of that hair that we naturally shed constantly! Then give yourself a fun baking up-do and maybe a headband for good measure.🙂

The Playlist. If you are baking with friends, music can make the activity more festive and joyous! Choose upbeat and playful tunes for your baking bonanza! If you are baking alone, however, it can be a great idea to put on some more peaceful and meditative music. Take the time that you are preparing your sweets to let your mind relax and find stillness in the soothing art of baking!

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