No connections: Be sure to ask your interior designer if they have any connections in the design and decor field. This will be helpful to speed up your project and hopefully to get you some discounts! They might have connections with an upholsterer, a carpenter, a lighting company or artists. If your interior designer does not have the business connections, it can mean that they are newer to the business and have less experience. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s helpful for you to know!

No floor plans or tech savvy: With the resources available today, it is pretty unacceptable for an interior designer to be unfamiliar with Autocad or a similar software to provide you with decent floor plans and images to help you understand and visualize the ideas they are sharing for your space!

No clear billing information: For the health of your relationship with your interior designer it is crucial that there is clarity in how much they are charging for their services and how they are organizing their fees. Find out if they charge by the hour or if there is a flat rate. Ask them if they are going to make a profit with discounts that stores offer them as designers. These questions should be part of an easygoing and friendly conversation you have with your designer before the project starts.

You don’t like them: It should come as no surprise that the biggest red flag of all when selecting an interior designer for your home is that you do not like them. This is a rule that goes both ways and can determine the entire mood of the design process. Be honest with yourself and determine whether you get along with your prospective interior designer. They could be the most talented and professional designer in the world, but if your personalities do not mesh, it is a good time to politely let them know that you admire their work but you will not be collaborating with them at this time.

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