Step out of your front door and take a look at your home from the outside. Imagine that you have never been inside. Take a deep inhale through your nose and exhale deeply through your mouth. Let yourself come to a calm place in your mind before you enter your own home. Open the front door with an intention to take a fresh look at your space and truthfully react to the aesthetics of your home.

Take a walk through

Stroll through each room and pay attention to where you focus is drawn to. Notice any areas that are jarring for you, be aware of the spots that you are proud of, let yourself experience your space without judgement. It is important that you simply observe, making mental notes of elements in your home that bring your pleasure and features in your home that you are less excited about.

Take notes

Grab a pad of paper and jot down your thoughts about your home. Make two columns “I like” and “I wish”. These two groups of thoughts will represent on the one hand elements in your home that you would like to hold onto (ex: the color scheme, the skylight, the way you have arranged your gallery wall…) and on the other hand hopes that you have for your newly remodelled space (ex: I wish my entryway was more inviting, I wish my kitchen were more organized, I wish my living room had a pop of color). This process will help you identify your problem areas but it will also help you appreciate your home and acknowledge the parts of your home that you are happy with!

Draw a floor plan

Sketch out a rough floor plan of your home. Giving yourself a bird’s eye view of your space can help you begin to think creatively and outside the box for your home lay-out! Once you have a sketch of the empty space of your home, let yourself imagine all of the different ways of arranging your furniture pieces and decor. Maybe that mirror can just lean against the wall, or that sofa can face in the opposite direction. Maybe your old dining bench can become an element of your entryway, or your side table can anchor a corner with a strong vase resting on it. Remember that repurposing and using furniture for new functions can give a room new life without spending any money!

Measure your space

If you decide that you want to add furniture pieces to your home, take the time to properly measure your space before you head out to shop! Having a firm grasp of the size of each room will dramatically improve your furniture shopping experience! Remember that for sofas and coffee tables, it is important to factor in space between them to maneuver. For bar stools and counters, don’t forget to factor in the legs of the person sitting on the stool! For dining tables, remember to account for chairs being pushed back while guests are seated! You want to be able to walk around the table even when everyone is sitting down!

Trust your gut

The fashion world and the design world are always going to be there to tell you what is trendy and popular, but it is up to you to figure out what you truly love. You can take current design trends into account, but you also need to recognize your own taste and the powerful role that your unique personality can play in your home design. Remember that you will be living in your home every day, so it is of the utmost importance that you actually like the designs that you implement in your space!

Consult the team!

Even if you live alone, it can be a great idea to bring a loved one or a close friend into your design planning! Those closest to us can often help us identify our personal style and remind us of designs that we show a penchant for. If you live with a partner or with your family, be sure to involve them in the process. The goal is to create a happy and beautiful home, the process should be fun and uplifting!

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