The Importance of Scent!

Bedroom: Prepare properly for a good night’s sleep with an aroma diffusion of a soothing lavender or a peaceful geranium. Electric aroma diffusers are often also mild humidifiers and can help with easy breathing and comfort while you sleep! Taking time to fully calm down after each work day is a vital component of maintaining our emotional health and scent can play a huge part in our relaxation routines!

Bathroom: The restroom is the ultimate place in the home where we want to maintain a pleasant, sweet smell! There is no getting around the fact that this can be a tricky feat in any home! An oil based scent diffuser is one of the best ways to assure a constant and steady aroma that is soothing and subtly potent. The best smells to choose for this type of diffuser are woodsy (cedar,eucalyptus, pine) or citrus (lemon, orange or lime)!

Living Room: Candles are a fantastic addition to your primary living space as their scent can add to your personal style and decor! There are so many options of clever aroma combinations in candles scents available now that you can find one that is truly your own! A neutral color for your candle container will be easiest to work into your living room design and won’t compete with any color or pattern scheme you already have!

Outdoor: The last thing you need during your outdoor dinner party in the evening is a group of itchy, irritated guests who have been bitten by mosquitoes! Set out two or three citronella candles to ensure those pesky bugs stay away from your friends and family!

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