Sofas vs. Armchairs vs. Sectionals!


The ultimate conundrum when creating the layout of your living area is which style of seating to opt for? Most often, we will find that a combination of different seating options makes a space more inviting and more aesthetically interesting. There are, however, certain guidelines that it is important to remember as you move forward in selecting your furniture pieces…

An ‘L-shaped” sectional will be most at home in a corner or when being used to clearly delineate between two spaces in the same room,If you are using your sectional to create a shift in flow between your dining area and your relaxation area, it might be a good idea to place a console table or a low bookcase along the back of your sectional so you do not end up with the naked back of a sofa jutting into your dining space.

Armchair Guidelines… If you have fallen in love with a wild and bold pattern for the fabric of your armchair, rest easy, that will look amazing as long as you limit yourself to that one bold pattern. Once you delve into the world of powerful pattern, tread carefully. Patterns can live together in harmony as long as they share a common color and fabric. It will also help if they differ in their size. A large floral print in a bright vivid green can live beautifully in the same room as a tiny polka dot print in bright green. A wide striped blue and yellow curtain can work well with a thin striped blue pillow.

To sofa or not to sofa?

When choosing your sofa it is of the utmost importance that you take a moment to reflect on the need you are trying to fulfill. Do you require a comfortable laze-about couch for the whole family to snuggle for movie night? Do you want this sofa to be the first thing your guests notice about your living room, admiring its form and style? Do you want to sit and chat on it? Do you want to take a nap on it? Once you have answered these questions for yourself, it will be easier for you to narrow the field of options!

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