Our Favorite Autumn Chairs!

The Snugglebutt: The perfect chair to lounge in while you wrap yourself up in a blanket and dive into a book this fall! The Ansley Chesterfield chair’s rounded sides and deep padded seat create a luxuriously comfortable nest for a brisk autumn afternoon! Tufted upholstered furniture is a trendy throwback to the mid-century modern designs and will add a cozy retro charm to your reading nook!

The Class Act: Why deprive your living space of a bit of classic chic style? With its clean angles and square frame, the Madison Park Colton Chair is a solid foundational piece for any family room! Let your personal style live a little by choosing an armchair with metallic nailhead accents around the frame. This polished silver trim creates a contrast to the fabric of the body of the chair and will complement any other metallic pieces in the same room!

The Modern Touch: When your room is begging for a contrast piece, when your home is overwhelmed with too much wood, or when you are looking for a bright color to bring life to a dull room..the Umbra OH Chair is here to help! With its rounded contour and hypermodern openings in the back and arms, the OH Chair is a great lone ranger accent piece but also works well to stack and store if you have two or three!

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