Benches that you need this fall!


ENTRYWAY:Nobody likes to see a piles of shoes accumulate next to their front door! A basket can begin to solve your problem but then you end up rifling through shoes and adding stress to your life every time you leave your home! An entryway bench is the perfect solution! It offers a comfortable spot to rest while you remove your shoes and ideally will have a shelf underneath for you and your family to line up your shoes!

OUTDOOR: Just because we grow up doesn’t mean we stop wanting to be kids sometimes! The pure joy of swinging on a swing is unparalleled and can be experienced all throughout your life. A cozy swinging bench hanging from a tree in your front yard, a rustic bench rocking you on your front porch or even a modified tire swing for ‘big kids’, life is your playground so go have fun!

FRONT YARD: We often give our backyards a lot of love and it can be easy to forget about the social potential of the front yard! Placing a lovely park bench in your front yard can encourage you to reach out to your neighbors or spend some time outside before you go inside after a long day!

BEDROOM: Give yourself a little bit more time to prepare for each day in the morning. Invite yourself to spend some time in your bedroom (your boudoir!) before you head out to face the world. Choosing a soft and welcoming storage bench for your room and placing it near a window will help you organize your space more efficiently and grab a bit more natural light to help you wake up each day!

DINING: Choosing a dining bench for one side of your dining table is a brilliant idea! Just remember not to leave your guests in the lurch with no back support throughout an entire meal! There are plenty of dining benches with backs that provide the rustic farmhouse chic style to your dining without creating an uncomfortable lower back situation for your dinner guests!

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