5 Ways to Use Poufs!

-The pouf is one of the most versatile and intriguing of all furniture pieces! Nestled between being a pillow and an ottoman it can become virtually whatever you need it to be! Try placing a metallic or wooden tray on your pouf to instantaneously turn it into a funky coffee table with a lot of personality!

-Finding your space too monochromatic and neutral? Never fear, the pouf is here to add a pop of color, a splash of pattern and a dollop of  style to your room! Remember that with most poufs you can swap out the cover if you need a change, so don’t be afraid to go bold with a bright warm color!


-Store a couple of poufs underneath your coffee table or snugly beneath a console table. You will not only create a decor piece when they are not in use but you will suddenly have extra seating options at your fingertips when the party gets more crowded! This works best with the more square or rectangular shaped poufs, as they are more suited to being stacked or stored this way!

-Lean back and put your feet up…on a pouf! No need to have a bulky cumbersome ottoman or stool clogging up passageways and creating a tripping hazard in your living room! The pouf takes up less space and is a soft and welcoming spot to rest your tired feet after a long day!


-Forget the dining table, roll out the poufs and serve your dinner around your coffee table! This intimate and comfortable setting will add a relaxed and casual vibe to any dinner party or family meal! Sitting on the floor on a soft pouf will be a welcome change for any of your guests who spend their day stuck at a desk or sitting in traffic!

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