Our Guide to the Ultimate Outdoor Fiesta


ICE: Catch the newest trend to wrap up your summer fun and fill a few trays of quirky ice cube shapes with water or fruit juice! Let yourself enjoy the more comical side of life with your guests at your fiesta by choosing a wide variety of shapes and colors they can pick from for their drinks! Fish, jewels, spheres, candy skulls, long rectangles or funky pyramids!


GELATO PUNCH: Turn off the heat with a soothing and refreshing gelato punch at your party! Mix any fruity gelato with ginger ale and lime juice in a large punch bowl! Gelato serves as a super effective palette cleanser so be sure to offer this punch between courses or as you are shifting from appetizers to the main dish!

carnival plates

EASY CLEAN UP: Don’t over complicate your life by adding cleaning the dishes to the list of things you need to do after your party! Grab some adorable summer themed paper plates and be sure to recycle them once your satiated guests head home!


NO WORRIES:The last thing you want during your end-of-summer fiesta is broken glass and the added hassle of cleaning up shards of glass! Conveniently, stemless wine-glasses are sleek and stylish as well as difficult to spill (especially if you pick up a set that is plastic!). Alternatively, you can opt for smaller more disposable cups for wine and punch, the idea here is to limit the effort and maximize the summer fun!

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