Mid-Century Makeover

The time has come to dump your old lamps that you have had since your first apartment out of college. They have served you well and you are now free to choose something fresh and stylish! A mid-century tripod lamp or overarching table lamp will help add a finishing touch to any room and make your space feel intentionally curated (as opposed to accidentally mix’n’match!)

Take a look at your living room and assess whether all of the pieces fit together well. Check to see if you are missing a common thread, a shared narrative that your furniture communicates. If you get an undeniable sense of the incomplete or the confused as you glance around your space, then it might be a good idea to invest in a piece that will bring all of the other pieces together! If you have a lot of different types of wood, choose a coffee table that has a variety of woods in a pattern on the top! If you have many different finishes of metal, choose a collection of three lamps that are all in the same metal to create a more unified feeling in your room!

Every home needs a bar cart. Full stop. Whether you are using it to display your collection of cocktail ingredients, books or family pictures, it is a useful and versatile piece of furniture. Letting ourselves steal a little bit from the mid-century style, we can benefit from the bar-cart in our homes today! Change up the contents of your bar-cart every month or so to allow this piece to freshen up your living room regularly!

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