Kick Back in Style!

TUNES: Nothing helps create a relaxed summer vibe like a great soundtrack! Pop on a pair of headphones to enjoy your own personal surround sound summer musical experience. One of the important moments of every summer is switching off the noises of everyday life so we can breathe and center ourselves.

HAMMOCK: We all sigh when we see an image of someone lying down in a hammock in a beautiful yard as the sun sets behind them… so, why not let yourself indulge in that fantasy and hang a standard meshed rope hammock in your outdoor space? Grab a copy of a classic book you’ve been meaning to read for eons but never got around to, turn down the volume on life and kick back in your hammock!

COZY FEET: Once the sun sets, it can get a bit chilly in the evening during these last few days of summer. Down booties are amazing on camping trips to keep your feet toasty but can serve just as well to make sure you stay comfortable and warm on crisp summer nights, spending time outside and enjoying the stars!


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