Golden Accents to Light Up Your Space!

An antique brass or polished gold accent table or coffee table is the perfect way to add more light to any room. Serving a similar function as a mirror or a glass piece of furniture, the reflecting metal will make a small space seem larger and a big space more welcoming! The golden touch will also help ground your space and give more power to any colors that are near it!

Try a metallic finish for your mirrors this year! It’s cosmetic lore that golden jewelry helps every woman’s skin look more soft and glowing, so why not apply the same theory to our mirrors? Give yourself a golden outline to help start your day out with confidence!

Mad Men Moments: Serve up your drinks to your guests in style! Take a bit of advice from our mid-century predecessors and host your party with a bit of golden flare! Try cocktail tumblers with a golden trim or a bar-kit in antique brass to add a modern romantic energy to your soiree!


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