How to get rid of your popcorn ceiling

TEST FOR ASBESTOS! Get a test kit for asbestos at your local Home Depot. If your home was built before 1979, it is highly recommended that you test for asbestos before beginning your popcorn ceiling removal project so you don’t risk getting a whole slew of serious medical issues! If your test is positive, call a professional company, no need to read the next steps.  :-)

PROTECT YOUR ROOM: Use painter’s tape to tape off your walls and floor with protective plastic tarp. This will facilitate clean up and make your life a lot easier once your project is complete.

PHONE A FRIEND Get a buddy. Both of you need to put filter masks on so you don’t breathe in pieces of your ceiling!

SCRAPER TIME. Pick up a Homax Ceiling Texture Scraper to remove the popcorn ceiling. I recommend acquiring or borrowing a ladder and having your buddy hold the ladder steady while you climb up!

SUCK IT UP Have your buddy follow you around with a small shop-vac to suck up all of the dust and ceiling bits that may escape the Homax Ceiling Texture Scraper.

SWEET RELIEF Admire your ceiling now free of the dreaded popcorn texture! If you’d like you can go ahead and prime and paint your ceiling the color of your choice. This will give you a soft subtle texture in your ceiling. Alternatively, you can sand your ceiling to create a completely flat and uniform ceiling before you begin adding color.

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