5 Ways to decorate your walls without drilling a single hole


1. Command Strips: If you are looking to minimize the damage to your walls so that you can get your full security deposit back on your rental, your best bet is to use command strips to hang your art pieces or decorative objects from the wall! They remove easily from most surfaces and will not leave holes in your walls.

2. Velcro: Another option for lighter and more delicate décor is to simply use double sided Velcro which you can pick up from any fabric or craft store (JoAnns or Michaels!).

3. Ladder Décor: Comb your local flea markets, garage sales and thrift stores until you find a cute wooden a-frame ladder that you can give a layer of chalk paint to and then place in a corner in your home. The shelves of the ladder will work beautifully to display your personal curios and souvenirs as well as books!

4. Large Art: If you are looking to create height with your décor, I suggest placing a low bookshelf or a small coffee table flush with your wall and then a larger artpiece on top! The art will lean casually agains the wall and give some variety of height to your space with no damage to your rental wall!

5. Light the Way: A bold and imposing floor lamp could also help solve your problem! If your walls are looking bare, consider placing a unique and unusual floor lamp in one of your corners, you will get more light and the added benefit of filling up your walls!

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