5 Ways to Deal with Damaged Wood

DOG CHEWED SADNESS: If your puppy has been overly attentive to the legs of your wooden furniture (by chewing on them!), try some basic wood filler epoxy and then sand them down. Pick out a stain that will bring them to a color you love and paint your stain on! Then, make sure you train your canine friend to refrain from munching on the sofa!

MORE PUPPY DAMAGE: This fix for scratches in wood surfaces falls into the category of divine miracles! Use a mixture of olive oil (or pine seed oil if you want to avoid that pasta smell) and vinegar to rub away the scratches in your wood. Be sure to give the oil plenty of time to soak in properly and be ready to apply a few coats over a few days. Then step back and try to find where the scratches were (hint: you won’t be able to!)

COASTERLESS WATER STAINS: If your guests (or family members) have once again failed to use coasters on your coffee table and you find yourself staring down a half dozen circular water stains, have no fear! Make a thick paste of olive oil and table salt and rub it into the stains on your wooden table. Let it sit for 30 minutes and then wipe it away. If you rub this paste in a couple of days in a row in order to be reaquainted with your shiny ‘new’ coffee table!

TRICKY STICKY WOOD STAINS If you have a mystery stain on your wooden countertop or side table that is driving you nuts, try and use plain (no gel) white toothpaste. Rub the toothpaste into the stain. The paste will function to very finely sand the stain away, removing the ‘cavity’ on your wooden furniture! Be sure to apply a healthy layer of wood oil after you have removed the stain so that your wood stays supple and can recover from being sanded.

SCORCHED WOOD DAMAGE Did you leave that boiling hot pan on your wooden counter for one second too long? Does it look like it is damaged beyond repair with white painful streaks? Then mayonnaise if your friend. Bear with me, I am not joking. Rub a dab of regular old mayonnaise into the portion of your counter that has the burn damage. Do this consistently for a few days in a row and watch the scorch marks grow fainter and fainter and then finally disappear!


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