5 Tips for Taking Care of Leather

1. Love on it: Once you have found the beautiful leather loveseat or chair that you are excited about, invest in a quality leather conditioner! Take the time to buff the conditioner into your leather piece every 6 months to ensure that your leather does not crack and stays nice and supple!

2. Cover it up: If the leather furniture that you have fallen in love with is vintage or from a thrift shop, it might be in need of some dire help! If the leather seems beyond repair, extremely weather beaten or dog scratched, consider painting it with Velvet Finishes leather paints. You can choose from more natural colors or opt for any vibrant color in the rainbow for a real pop of style!

3. Clean it: Every few days or so, depending on how dusty your home gets in general, wipe your leather furniture down with a clean, dry cloth. Be sure to get into the cracks and crevices to keep the dirt from damaging the leather!

4. Be kind to it: No matter how much you think it won’t hurt your leather chair, please don’t use any cleaning products that were not specifically designed for leather! Their chemicals will damage the leather and create spots and streaks that you will not be able to remove!

5. Protect it: Make sure that you keep your leather furniture out of direct sunlight to keep the color from fading and the leather itself from aging and drying out!

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