5 fun ways to use mason jars!

MASON CANDLES  Fill up a mason jar with fruit or flowers and cover these natural elements with water. Then carefully pour a thin layer of vegetable oil on the surface of the water, close to the lid of your mason jar. Place a round floating wick (available on amazon in a box of 50 for $6!). Light your homemade mason candle for a unique and decadent evening!

MASON BEACH Bring the beach home with you and place your favorite sea shells in a bed of sand from your favorite sandy beach in the bottom of a blue or turquoise mason jar. Like a message in a bottle..only reversed!

MASON DESK Messy desk? Too many mason jars leftover from that disastrous canning project? Clean your jars out and use clear double sided adhesive tape to keep them together in a pleasant pyramidal formation on your desk. The piles of tiny things on your desk can finally be organized and find a forever home!

MASON SOLAR Pick up a few garden solar lights at your local hardware store or dollar store. Remove the tops of the solar lamps (ie: remove the part that has the bulb and rechargeable solar battery in it). Paint the tops of the lamps and the lids of a few mason jars the color of your choice. Use duct tape to create a seal around the tops of the solar lamps so they will fit snuggly in the top of each mason jar. Add the lid of the mason jar and voila: you have a solar mason situation on your hands!

MASON CENTERPIECE Grab a few mason jars from your vast collection that keeps accumulating in your pantry (or buy some jars of spaghetti sauce and use the empty jars for this project!). Place your jars upside down and give them a layer of metal primer and then metal paint in a copper color. Before the paint has dried, spray them with a blue patina aging solution and watch as the solution makes your mason jars look aged and awesome!

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