3 Simple Ideas for Ugly Wall Paper

1. Covering it up: If the wallpaper in your rental property is vomit-inducing and not pleasant for you, try applying a new layer of more acceptable wall paper. Be sure not to glue this paper to the old paper, pick up some flat, clear thumbtacks to hold it in place, this will allow for a new look and easy removal once your lease is up!

2. Ripping it down: If you own your home and you are ready to make a change in your wall paper, don’t forget the rule of thumb: rip it down, don’t just paint over it. Even if it takes a while, it will be worth it to be rid of the wall paper before you start painting your wall! Otherwise, you might get stuck with ugly creases and bubbles in your wall!

3. Covering it up: This last option can work for fixing ugly wall paper but also for covering any kind of wall that you are unhappy with. Pick up some Tempaper Temporary Wall Paper in the pattern and color of your choice and carefully apply it over your problem wall!

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