5 Ways to Update your Bed

Vintage: If you are still on the lookout for the perfect headboard or have been living sans headboard and are looking to spruce up your bedroom, take a stroll through your local antique and thrift stores. If you happen across an old vintage door, grab it! Whether you install bedside lamps or simply let the door shine alone, it will be a powerfully unique statement in your room!


Out with the old: Get rid of your bed skirt. It is that simple. Bed skirts are an excuse to hide messes under our beds and they accumulate dust bunnies. This simple change will dramatically increase the attractiveness and modernity of your bed and your entire bedroom!


Monochrome moment: Switch out your bedding for a more calming monochromatic choice in a pastel, grey or white. This will add more light and a sense of calm to your bedroom.


Rustic charm: If you are currently rocking a wooden headboard and would like an update, consider trying a pale pastel color of Chalk Paint to give your bed a welcoming farmhouse look!


Framing the bed: If all else fails, choose a powerful, stunning piece of art to place above your bed. Make sure you properly and securely fasten this piece above your bed and sit back as the compliments pour in!

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