5 Ways to Care for your Citrus Plant

1. Iron – Citrus benefit from semi-annual soil fortification with iron; they’ll be happy to tell you that they might be a little anemic with leaf yellowing.


2. Pest removal – Some varieties of citrus, especially from nurseries, may have scale infestation. These look like small turtle shells attached to branches or the undersides of leaves. Minor infestations may be handled with isolation of the plant, gentle removal of the scale with your finger or tissue paper, and gentle washing of that part of the plant with mild soap and water.

3. Pruning – Citrus may be trimmed to many shapes: bushes, along walls, or as full trees. Prune your tree in the fall (before freezing), cutting branches to shape the tree to fit your home orchard. Decreasing branch density improves air circulation and allows more sunlight in.


4. Propagation – Unlike many fruit trees, citrus seeds must be planted immediately after extraction from the fruit and cleaning. While citrus fruit from stores may not have viable seed, try planting varieties from farmer’s markets or wild ones and increase your home orchard size!


5. Enjoy the fruits of your labor – The many varieties of citrus and trees, as well as the long maturation time of their fruit guarantees you will have at least one delicious, round, colorful fruit to eat, turn into juice, or give away throughout the year!

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