5 Trash to Treasure Craft Ideas!

Pistachio shells! Over the course of your next cocktail party, save the shells of the pistachios and give them a gentle rinse. Let the shells dry before you glue two of them together with a hot glue gun to create the center of your pistachio flower! Continue adding shells in concentric circles until you are happy with the size. Once it is complete and the glue is set, use an acrylic paint in the color of your choice to paint your flower!

Old Coffee Creamer bottles! Instead of adding to the growing pile of trash we humans are creating, remove the labels from your creamer bottles, wash and rinse them and then use them to organize your grains, spices and rice!

Old plastic spoons! If you find yourself the proud owner of a pile of dirty plastic spoons after a princess birthday party, never fear! Wash and dry the spoons and let them dry. Find a round mirror either in your junk drawer or at your local dollar store. Use acrylic paint to paint the spoons from light to dark in the color you prefer. Use your handy hot glue gun to affix the spoons around the mirror in larger and larger circles into you are happy with the size of your new decorative flower!

Plastic bags! If you live in an area of the country which still utilizes plastic bags, you can use them to craft a reusable grocery bag instead of throwing them away! Cut the bags into strips and braid them together into strong rope. Once you have create the rope, use superglue to fix the ropes together in the shape of a bag!

Old glass containers! If you have old clear glass bottles or jars laying around the house, try this surprisingly easy technique to create beautiful décor pieces for yourself or as gifts! Color layers of permanent marker in geometric patterns on the glass. If you’d like, you can also add detail in mod podge for an extra sparkle. Remember that it might take several layers of permanent marker to achieve the color you desire! Have fun!

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