5 Fun Ways to Makeover your Mirror

1. Decorative Designs: If your bedroom mirror is starting to lose its luster, grab a White-Out corrector pen and carefully draw a few floral patterns in one of the corners. I would suggest practicing on a piece of cardboard first to ensure that you are happy with your design. Be sure to give it plenty of time to dry!

2. Stencil time: For an inspirational fix to thrift store finds, pick our your favorite quote and order a custom stencil from Stencilsonline! Carefully tape the stencil to your mirror with painters tape and spray paint the quote in place with your favorite color!

3. Gold leaf Luxury: For a bit of luxury in your boudoir, cover the mirror that you have chosen for your mirror makeover project with newspaper and painters tape and spray the edge with gold leaf spray paint! Be sure to place the mirror on a tarp or a drop cloth before you begin painting!
4. Scalloped Trim: For a pop of color for a monochromatic mirror or to a dd a bit of personality to a boring shape, add trim around the inside of your mirror (this works best with square or rectangular mirrors!). Hobby lobby has plenty of fun options for trim, scalloped, zig-zag or wavy are a few of my favorites!

5. Chalk Paint: If you are struggling to make an old wooden mirror work in your space and fit in your design plan, consider adding a layer of chalk paint to give new life to wooden mirrors. Be sure to wipe off the excess before it dries so that you can create a solid rustic look for your ‘new’ mirror!

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