10 Happy House Plant Ideas

1.No soil! Air plants are the solution to soil from your houseplants getting everywhere! These happy plants do not require any soil to thrive but they do require water every few days (grab your spray bottle and give them a quick drink!) and relative proximity to sunshine via a window!


2.Healthy Air! Spider plants and peace lilies have been shown to improve the air quality in homes! Both of these plants filter out toxic compounds from your air, making it cleaner and purer to breathe! Yes, please!

3. Coffee! Add your extra leftover coffee grounds to the soil in your houseplants to keep them nice and healthy! The nutrients in your coffee grounds help keep your plants strong and resistant to disease!

4. Floral House Numbers! Consider choosing your favorite flowering plant to pot and place in front of your home. Using peel and stick adhesive numbers you can beautifully display your house number on your stoop!

5. Happy Roots! When working with house plants, it is important to ensure proper drainage for your plants roots! To keep them from getting too wet or moldy, place a layer of rocks or gravel in the base of your pot before adding in dirt!

6. Cleaner Space! If you would like to minimize the amount of dirt around your potted plants, place a simple coffee filter in the base of your pot to allow extra water to drain out of the hole without letting any soil spill out as well!

7. Low maintenance! The Schefflera (or more easily, the Umbrella Plant) is one of the happiest indoor plants of all time! It will thrive if it gets a bit of sunlight near a window and if you remember to water it every other day. It might need a bit of pruning if it gets too happy and starts to outgrow its pot!

8.Plant stand! Upcycle your old banana stand or find one at a thrift store to create your very own tiny hanging plant display! Try using chalk paint to give your ‘new’ plant stand a vintage farmhouse look!

9. Vintage display! Grab a tiny ladder from your garage or local flea market and give it a cute layer of white paint and ta-da! You have an adorable plant display. The white paint will add a refreshing contrast to the vivid greens of your plants!

10. Water! Don’t forget to water your plants! If you notice that your house plants look a bit droopy or have gone into a dormant (shriveled) state, coax them back to life by watering them every evening!

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