Host the Ultimate Tropical Themed Party

Who doesn’t love a fun party theme? We’re falling in love with the tropical trend this summer and we think that a fabulous festivity is a nice way to give the decor trend a test run. Here are the three things to focus on to totally rock the Tropical Theme for your next food and family feast:

Table Setting:

Think big! Leaves, that is. Find palm leaves, banana leaves, and other large green beauties to use as placemats or place setting. When it comes to the centerpiece, have all the fun! Big beautiful fruits like lemons, coconuts or pineapples. Whether they’re utensil holders, or the actual edible ones, will makethe ultimate island atmosphere. Exotic flowers, like Birds of Paradise or Bogonias, make excellent additions, too!



Anything with a citrus twist is a great addition to a tropical theme menu. Pineapples are a great thing to utilize this time of year since they’re in season, so think Pineapple Upside Down Cake or Pineapple and Ham Pizza. Tropical salads that ate are heavy on citrus like lemons or oranges will work well, too. As for the main course, why not channel a luaua and order a roasted pig or if grilling, try kabobs or other fun recipes on skewers. You can also keep it in the kitchen with coconut shrimp and pulled pork sandwiches.


Nothing like refreshments to really set the tone and keep the crown happy. Use tropical bases like pineapple, coconut, lemon, mango, and more. Check out these two faves if you’re thinking of making big batches:



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