5 Ideas for Boring White Plastic Chairs

Two-toned: If you are looking to spiff up your old white plastic chairs, try using painter’s tape to cover the back of the chair and then paint just the front of the chair a vibrant color. This will create a fun new look without much hassle!

Stencils Forever: Another way to add some summer flare to your basic chairs is to pick a summer stencil design to the back of the chairs! If you’d like you can add the stencil in a color or first paint the chairs and add the stencil in stark black paint! Either way is sure to make your chairs more interesting!

Metallic Look: Take a bit of a design risk and opt for a metallic shimmer to your outdoor chairs! This is not the most timeless of looks but it will add some fun to your family yard time and might even serve as thrones if there are tiny princesses in your garden this summer!

Pool side: If you are looking for an ingenious and inexpensive poolside lounger, look no further! Cut the legs off of your boring white plastic chairs, give them a coat of paint in any fun vibrant summer color and voila! Comfy seats by the pool!

New coat of white paint: If none of these ideas tempt you to join the craft time fun, I would encourage you to at least add a new coat of paint to your white plastic chairs after you have thoroughly dusted them. A new shiny white coat of paint will let your chairs have new life and a bit more of a summer flair!

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