5 Creative Ways to Use Chalk Paint in your Kitchen

1. Recipe Box: Once you have cleaned the wall carefully (and let it dry!) paint a rectangle space on your wall with charcoal chalk paint. Using finishing nails for the least amount of damage to your wall, nail four pieces of light wood around the paint to create the effect of a frame! Once you’ve let the paint set for 24 hours, prime your new chalk board by scribbling in white chalk and wiping it with a dry cloth! Jot down your recipes for the week!

3. Farmhouse cabinets: Choose a nice light cream color to repaint your wooden kitchen cabinets in chalk paint to create a relaxed and rustic farmhouse environment!

4. Contrast Kitchen: If you have darker cabinets, a dark wood kitchen table or prominent dark iron features in your kitchen, consider painting a set of wooden chairs in a light chalk paint to create a nice contrast.

5. Chore List: Instead of throwing out or recycling that old wooden cutting board, try painting it with charcoal chalkboard paint and setting it up on a small easel in your kitchen to help you and your family keep track of weekly or daily chores!

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