5 Awesome DIY ways to clean glass and mirrors

1. Shampoo: If your constantly dirty and spotted shower glass door plagues you, try using shampoo to clean the door after you shower! Be sure not to use a shampoo that has any conditioner in it or it will leave streaks!

2. Newspaper: Opt for a wad of newspaper to clean your glass instead of a paper towel or a rag! The newsprint will leave your glass or mirror squeaky clean without leaving any fuzz or paper residue behind!

3. Rubbing Alcohol: Before attacking your mirror with glass cleaner, take a moment to scrub off the tricky spots of toothpaste or soap scum that are visible on your mirror. Grab a cotton pad and some rubbing alcohol and get rid of those sticky spots, it will make your cleaning go faster afterwards!

4. DIY: Sick of buying glass cleaner and Windex at the store? Mix a bit of vinegar and water in a spray bottle for your very own homemade glass cleaner!

5. Squeegee: Whether you are cleaning your bathroom mirror, your living room windows and your front windshield, it is time to invest in a good squeegee so that you can have a more satisfying and productive glass cleaning experience!

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