Packing Hacks to Save Suitcase Space

Big dreams. Tiny suitcase. Get all the space you need out of your suitcase with these four very important travel hacks.

Get rolling. Roll up your wardrobe instead of fold. This will help increase your spaces while also keeping cotton pants and tops wrinkle free. Don’t forget to roll it up tightt to maximize your space and to stop the items from rolling apart.

Think in layers. Socks can go in shoes. Undergarments can be rolled into bras. Use socks as caution wrappers for fragile items.  You can use your clothing in a multitude of ways that makes folding them as a stand-alone item almost impractical and very secondary.

Shoes at the bottom. Always put shoes at the bottom. Almost like a base, to keep them from taking up too much space in your suticase and to avoid getting any dirt on your clean, freshly packed clothing . Wear your heaviest pair of shoes to the airport and your lightest pairs at the bottom of the bag. Wrap shoes in shower caps to keep debris from falling onto your clothing, too.

Use resealable sandwich bags. When it comes packing, resealable sandwich bags are everyone’s answered prayer. Pack jewelry, toiletries, electronic chargers, leather belts, and other accessories that could get lost in a suitcase and use sandwich bags to keep them organized and protected.


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