How to Pack for a Summer Trip

Packing ain’t easy. Whether it’s just for the weekend or 3 weeks, nailing down the science of sweet suitcase  skills is essential. We break packing down into four easy, essential groups to ensure you’re rocking your getaway in a super smart and still very stylish way.

Basics. Start with the basics. Undergarments and neutral staples like black tights or plain shirts that can be multi-used as pajamas and loungewear during you trip. Denim. Tank tops. Pick a neutral palette, like black or white, that’s a shade that can be mixed and matched effortlessly and easily. Think of these as the foundation of your wardrobe.

Color and fun. Time to have some fun. Pick a few bright and fun pieces that can be layered or multi-functional. Like a cover up that can also serve as a dress, or a skirt that can be also scrunched up into a scarf on chilly nights. Get creative and pick bright, happy prints and shades that scream “vacation time!”

Accessories. Rule of thumb would be to bring 6 versatile statement pieces on your trip. Mix and match metals and choose large, inexpensive date night pendants so you can have fun without worrying about losing it while your out and about.

Shoes. Wear your heaviest pair to the airport and pack your lightest ones. Essentially, think of packing your shoes by tie of meal. Brunch, Lunch, and Dinner. Sneakers, sandals, and heels. If you already have a set itinierary consider bringing an extra pair for the activity that you will be doing most. More beach? Another pair of flip flops. More dancing? Another pair of date night heels.

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