7 Tips You Need to Know to Survive a Red-Eye Flight

How do you survive a red-eye flight? With these 7 tips, very graciously. Consider this your checklist to an easy, breezy sleep that just so happens to be on an airplane to your next destination.

  1. Brush Your Teeth - Mentally prepare yourself with quick brush before take off. Plus, you’ll wake up feeling extra minty. Good hygiene = good sleep.
  2. Bring a jacket or sweater - Not just for when it gets chilly. But you can also use it as an extra pillow or way to prop up you head just by rolling it up. So many uses.
  3. Stay hydrated - Drinking a nice big bottle of water before the flight will keep you hydrated and sound asleep as the elevation increases.
  4. Wear comfy clothes - Clothes that are comfortable are important. Think  yoga pants or loose slacks. The comfier you are, the better you’ll sleep.
  5. Travel Pillow - A travel pillow will make a world of difference. It will cradle your neck for comfort and keep it from rolling off to the side and drooling onto your neighbor.
  6. Eye mask - This will help shield you from ay unexpected light that may wake you. Whether it’s someone opening up the window at 6 AM or an ever-glowing ipad, you have the power to keep it from being a bother.
  7. Noise-cancelling headphones - If you can sleep with headphones on, consider investing in noise-cancelling ones. Think of purchasing some ambient sounds or downloading a white noise app to help shield your senses from crying babies and booming engines.



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