Kitchen Gadgets You Need for Summer

Splurge on these fun and quirky kitchen gadgets for an easy, breezy summer.

  1. Banana slicer: For smoothies and topping cooling dishes like yogurt and icecream treats!
  2. Pineapple slicer: Ain’t nobody got time to slice a pineapple core the traditional way. Invest in a pineapple slicer to do it one fell swoop. So you can spend your time doing other fun summer things.
  3. Herb chopper: Herbs are perfect for so  many summer dishes. Like basil for salads, thyme for grilled chicken, rosemary for kabobs. Make the job easy and swift with an herb mincer or mezzaluna.
  4. Silpat spreader: Perfect for buttering your corn cobs or sandwiches. Once you’ve found the perfect spreader, you’ll never go back to butter knives.
  5. Spiralizer: Turn vegetables into kid-friendly summer dishes by noodle-fying them! From pastas to salads, this is the perfect way to use summer veggies and sneak in some healthy eats.



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