Five Activities To Do This Summer That’s Not The Beach

Who needs the beach when there’s so much more to enjoy this summer? Soak in every possible festivity this season with this easy list of five activities that are a must-do. Whether you host or attend,  long hot days and long warm night are the perfect excuse to sit back, relax, and milk every single sunny second for all it’s worth.

1.  Drive-in Movie: Rent a  projector and prop up a patio fort full of  pillows, or google your nearest park event list. This time of the year you’re bound to find a pop-up drive-in theatre near you.

2. Farmer’s Markets and Food Festivals: The freshest, tastiest, and fruitiest food fare is in season and there are probably tons of farmer’s markets and food festivals dying to showcase what they can do with it.  Be the one to reap the benefits.

3. Head to the Park: All you need is a blanket. Pick a lazy Sunday. Lay around and soak in the sun. Bring a pup or some take-out pizza. There is no wrong way to enjoy a sunny dayat the park.

4. Summer Cookout: Seafood boil? Barbecue? Break the grill or rent a grill at the park. You can make it a party for 5 or 50! There’s nothing more fun than getting together with friends for food.

5. Dinner Party: Enjoy the long warm nights with a swanky self-made outdoor dinner party. Table settings, a sweet menu, and a few bottles of wine? Who wouldn’t want to have a night with warm friends and warm weather?

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