Our Favorite Outdoor Entertaining Tips

Summer lovin’… Havin’ a blast. Don’t let your summer fling getaway without throwing the ultimate outdoor shindig. We know you’ve got the important things down like menu, and drink, but do you have these other little details taken care of? Read on for our favorite outdoor entertaining tips:

  1. Have cushions and blankets ready for when the sun goes down. Guests will be able to linger and enjoy themselves outside for as long as they wish.
  2. Buy brown craft paper for easy table clean up and fun drawing ideas for the little ones.Repurpose indoor furniture to make an outdoor room.
  3. Set up tables in different areas with different things. Drinks on one table, dessert on the other, to encourage guests to roam around the room and mingle.
  4. To keep dairy dips and desserts chilled, fill up a bowl with ice and sprinkle it with kosher salt. Then, just set the entree on top of it.

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