5 Ways to Make Your Patio Pop with Color

Pretty, pretty patio goals. Time to lighten up. Bright shades and bright colors are so on trend right now, it’s hard not to pull some serious inspiration from the bohemian and morrocan styles we’re seeing everywhere. Happy vibes, summer positivity… But really, there’s a million reasons why you should add some extra color to your patio and here are 5 ways easily do it:

  1. Use paint to paint over old coffee tables and wooden chairs. Instant update.
  2. Have the kids (or the kid in you) paint fun patterns on stones and bricks.
  3. Use colorful cushions and pillows. It’s an easy and temporary way to add that pop of color you crave.
  4. Add cloth tapestry to the fence or wall. A simple patterned throw or blanket pinned on the wall behind deck chairs is like hanging a new piece of wall art in the living room.
  5. Spray paint old wine bottles bright shades and use them as candle holders for those dog days of dinner parties.

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