Cookout Hacks You Need To Try

Time to go outside. Food tastes so much better in the summer with friends and family. Check out these fun hacks for some extra smart and extra awesome tips to implement during your next summer bash. Hacks make life so much easier:

  1. Cupcake liners to keep the bugs out of your drinks. Turn cupcake liners into drink lids by sticking a straw right throw the middle.
  2. Water balloons frozen to avoid spills as the ice melts. Just fill them up and throw them in the fridge. Use them from everything to cooler fillers to ice packs when temps rise high.
  3. No bake ice cream cakes. Stack ice cream sandwiches and cover them with frosting for an easy and quick ice cream cake! Sprinkles optional.
  4. Condiments in cupcakes pans. From tomatoes to mustard, putting out pans full of condiments creates an awesome buffy that won’t get lost and kids can easily get to.

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