Easy Healthy Late-Night Dinner Recipes


Home late? That doesn’t give you an excuse to stop through the nearest drive thru. Because, really, fast food is just bad for you. Embrace even faster food in your own kitchen with these 3 super easy, super delicious late night dinner recipes. Most likely with things you already have on hand. Plus, you clean up is a breeze and you can always save that work for tomorrow morning.

1. Cheese and Fried Egg Sandwiches: Who says you can make breakfast for dinner. This savory mixture is enough to satisfy any hunger. Fry an egg. Then begin to assemble a grown-up grilled cheese by placing the fried egg (greens optional) right in the middle fo the cheese and bread. Put a slab of butter on the pan until melted, place the sandwich in the center. Press it down on the pan for 3 minutes on both sides. Dinner is served!

2. Skillet Bruschetta with Greens and Beans: Grab the current bread you have in you home and fire it up to toast on a griddle. On the side, in a separate pan, mix  a can of cannelini beans and fresh kale. Melt in 1/4 stick of butter. Let heat for 3 minutes until any excess water has cooked off. When kale is slightly wilted, squeeze over the juice of a half lemon. Salt and pepper to taste.

3. Spaghetti with Spinach and Tomatoes: That can of Preggo tomato sauce is still there in your pantry, I’m sure.  So are the dried spaghetti. Time to break them out. While pasta is boiling (follow the package) heat up the tomato sauce in the skillet. Mix in fresh spinach and cover until the sauce boils. Throw in the pasta when it’s cooked and have yourself some late-night classic Italian fare. Freshly shaved parmesan optional.

These three recipes, my dear friends, will put late night Cap’n Crunc dinners and top ramen off of your list of late night munchies forever.

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