3 Bedroom Ideas to Try Now


Your personal sanctuary. Your style.

  1. Pile on the pillows: The science and mathematics of how many pillows should be on your bed is easy: Don’t stop until you’re satisfied. 2-5 is ideal but adding more in different shapes and sizes will create a little extra personality, quirkiness, and coziness to your overall decor.
  2. Hanging tapestry: A quilt, printed sheet, graphic rug, or mandala. Hanging these on to the wall will turn any bedroom space into it’s own eye-catching wall gallery. Whether you use it as a headboard or behind a bench, it will become an instant focal point to a room. Making it an instant makeover in literally lest than 20 minutes.
  3. Introduce a new pop of color: Pick the brightest shade that makes you happy and paint the nightstand, or find artwork with the shade incorporated in subtle ways, or go bold and add large new decor accessories or even paint an entire statement wall. Don’t be shy. You can always paint over it. The trick is to keep the bright pop of color at a minimal at first and in unexpected places. This will let you you know if you’re ready to commit to the brighter side of bedroom decor, now or just temporarily.

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