Outdoor Entertaining Made Easy


Outdoor entertaining is so easy! Here are five must-know tips to get it done right!

  1. Don’t forget the ice! Just because things get chilled doesn’t mean they will stay that way. Especially with rising temperatures. Be sure to have a good amount of ice on hand to keep people cool with satisfying and refreshing drinks.
  2.  Bug spary and sunblock.Alway shave these on-hand to keep guests comfortable. No one like being attacked by mosquitos and being burned by the sun.
  3. Play some games! As much as the adults in your party will relish a laid-back evening, any children at your event will be aching for entertainment. Have plenty of outdoor games ready and waiting for the wee ones. Set up lawn games!
  4. Keep the party going even when the sun goes down. The fun doesn’t have to end. Supply the kids with flashlights for a game of nighttime tag, and the adults can continue to sip some wine and savor the evening.
  5. Keep hunger away. Always have snacks and quick bites like popsicles and hotdogs ready. The fun should always be accompanies by a tasty menu that sits well in the sun and helps to cool of the heat. Think treat trays and fun fruits, like watermelons!

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